Webinar – Understanding and Removing Karma – May 18 2023 @ 8PM EDT


One way dowsing has helped me is to get rid of all my Karma.  Dealing with all that Karma every day can be just exhausting.  When you just think you have worked out a problem with a person, another arises.  I was constantly dealing with relationships. This seems to go on forever.

Sometimes I was just getting in the way trying to help other people.  Some of us just have such a desire to help other people that we create more Karma in our lives by not letting them work out their own Karma.

Ok so what is Karma anyway.  We all hear so much about it.

My next webinar will be on Understanding Karma and removing all Karma.  Now wouldn’t that be great.  You will learn just how to do that.

We will learn about the different types of Karma and who you owe Karma to.  Also who owes you Karma.  Has this always been a mystery to you?

We will also cover another very important subject that has kept you from growing more spiritually.    Are you at a spiritual plateau and can’t seem to get beyond?  Have you been struggling and asking for help in this area?

When you purchase this webinar, you will receive the Zoom Link, special dowsing charts for Karma. In addition, you will receive a copy of the recorded webinar.

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