Webinar – Dowsing Common and Not so Common Allergies Workshop – April 29th @ 7PM EDT


A hands on workshop on dowsing for both common and uncommon allergies with Master Dowser Carol Gader.


Do you or someone in your family suffer from allergies?  You will want to take this workshop to help yourself and your family.

In the 1950’s medical science estimated that one in every seven persons was having problems with allergies.  In the 1970’s the figure changed to one in five and in 1980, one in 3.  In the 1990 it was even higher and today it is most everyone.  We have genetically and biochemically changed over the years.  Our environment has drastically changed and we also recognize that any substance in the environment can cause a reaction.  Allergies are so commonly accepted that misdiagnosis is also frequent.  Is your symptom the result of an allergy or something else?

In this workshop we will pinpoint some of the commonly accepted allergies, and some not so common, responsible for the symptoms which mimic almost every other known illness.  However, I strongly suggest that with any severe pain or bleeding, high fever, sudden body irregularities,  always be checked with your health caretaker.

Allergies can be to chemicals, foods, water, animals, air-born, building materials, fabric, cosmetics, drugs, or other substances.   One can have many different categories.  You will be dowsing charts  during the workshop to find your area or areas.  Once you find your category you will find charts to break it down so you know just what is giving you the symptoms.

You may be seriously shocked by what you find.  I sure have been using these charts.

We will also learn ways to either get the allergens out of our environment, what might replace it, or how to deal with it  or heal our allergies.

If you know how to dowse with a pendulum and use charts you are all set and can just download the charts prior to the class.  These charts are all in my book “Dowsing your Health”, so if you have the book you are all set.  If not please view the 3 short video’s and practice before class time.

This Live Online Workshop will be on April29th @7PM EDT.

Happy Dowsing and Learning,

Carol Gader

PS  Make sure to download all the charts prior to the workshop.