High Quality Easy-To-Use Large Brass L-Rods



LRods, also known as angle Rods are L shaped wires traditionally used for field dowsing. Copper LRods and LRods with sleeves are the most popular among dowsers. … Dowsers use LRods for locating water, treasure, energy, food, directions and information. LRods are useful for any type of dowsing.

After the pendulum, L-rods are probably the most widely used of the dowsing tools.

They Heavy Duty L-RODS of heavy brass with rubber tips and a brass or pvc plastic sleeves.  [11 ½ in long by 5 ½ handle] We make then heavy so the wind doesn’t blow them around as much.  We make these of brass instead of copper, because copper does not bend well.

We use Rubber tips are used so they won’t scratch anything when using indoors.

A few of our courses show you how to use dowsing rods.  We recommend, purchasing the entire set..

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Weight 1 lbs