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  1. Introduction to Dowsing – Interview With Carol (Regular price: FREE)
  2. How to Dowse and Get Correct Answers (Regular Price $89.  Sale Price $47)
  3. How to Dowse for Water (Regular Price $89.  Sale Price $47)
  4. Map and Chart Dowsing (Regular Price $89.  Sale Price $47)
  5. Dowsing Your Health (Regular Price $129.  Sale Price $69)
  6. Dowsing Your Garden (Regular Price $129.  Sale Price $69)
  7. Spiritual Dowsing (Regular Price $129.  Sale Price $69)
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Do you want to avoid second guessing yourself?

Have consistent confidence in your decisions?

Every day, you are confronted with tens of decisions.

Decisions that will impact the health of your family…

Decisions that effect the well being of your family.

Some decisions are small, “Is this a Good Time to go to the store?”

Other decisions are “big”. Should I purchase this home?

Your challenge is that you don’t always know which of these decisions are critical and which are “either way is OK”.

You don’t know which decisions are big and which are small!

How do you find out?

The answer is simple…

Of course…

The answer is to Dowse…

Maybe even start with that question…

“Is this important – Yes or No”?

You need a tool that will let you tap into your intuition.

A tool that lets you tap into the universes wisdom whenever you need to!

This set of dowsing trainings starts with the basics.

How to get the Universal Guidance for even simple “Yes” / “No” questions.

You then progress and learn about water. That is actually about learning how to listen to Mother Earth.

Then get the skills to find things using a map followed by learning how to get reliable answers to more complex questions.

There is nothing more important than your health.

Finding and resolving challenges, especially when your doctor can’t figure it out.. is super important.

Whether it is for yourself, your beloved, your children or your friends…

Discover what lies behind allergies, stress and other health issues that are impacting your family.

Learn how to tune into your body messages coming in through your intuitive sense and then into your pendulum so that you get clarity.

Next, you will deepen your ability to connect with our biggest teacher, our mother Pacha Mama – Our Earth.

Nature. Whispering to you the subtle energies around you.

Energies you can feel but not always identify.

That is where Dowsing with the earth helps.

There are many applications for this, including gardening.

Finally, our Final course.

This course is completely about you.

This is the course about spirituality. This is where you will learn to dowse and guide your life’s journey.

Discover your soul’s purpose.

Find out the areas you need to grow in.

This 7 part course will teach you all this and more, so that you can use the Universe’s Wisdom and your Deepest Intuition to make the right choices for yourself and your family.

Purchase it now at a special discount and really deepen your skills at using dowsing to access the deepest wisdom there is.

Your Wisdom.

The Universes Wisdom.

But the entire 7 part training today.

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