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The Purpose of the “Dowsing Your Health” Book

How do you react when you become ill?  Do you

  • DENY IT?

Most of us have probably never thought about it and when we become ill, we immediately turn to our doctor. We have made him responsible for giving us back out health so that we don’t have to think about it. That’s what we pay him for. After all, he is the professional, the one who knows how.

It seems that regardless of all the scientific advancement our civilization has made, in all fields of endeavor, our belief systems about health are primitive at best and belong to the middle ages. We still believe that disease is out there waiting to attack us and should we be in the wrong place at the wrong time, we are attacked and brought to our knees. Of course, we no longer believe in evil spirits; it is the germs that do us in and instead of calling in an exorcist, we call in our friendly, scientific doctor. He will offer us drugs, which do not have the magical ability to heal but work on a sound scientific basis. We accept that they may, however, have dangerous side effects. And if the drugs don’t accomplish their purpose, he will offer surgery and cut out the offending part. This is how we, as a modern civilized society, have “advanced”.

There must be a better way. On deeper intuitive levels, we must be aware that the body heals itself. We must sense that illness is not “out there” waiting to do us in. We must know that illness is like the Trojan horse and the danger comes from within. Somehow, we seem to have lost the intuitive awareness that we once had to sense our inner workings and the ability to “fine tune” ourselves at the point when we become susceptible to illness.


Is all illness bad?

On the surface, it would appear so, as children we didn’t think so.

Don’t you remember the love and attention you got when you were ill and the peace and quiet that you needed for the body to rebalance and restore itself?

Now, as adults, we forget to take the time to rebalance and restore ourselves, so we “come down with something.”.

The lesson is illness is always the same. It is telling us that “We are NOT IN HARMONY. Our body, mind and spirit are out of balance with universal law.” Illness is the teacher that brings you that message.

Do you need a special skill to do this?

The purpose of this book is to reacquaint you with the universal laws that will keep you healthy, by use of the pendulum.

This unique tool will allow you to probe your subconscious and open doors that yo never knew existed.

The answer is no.

The only requirement that you will need is patience – just like you would need when learning to play a musical instrument.

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