Course 7 – Spiritual Dowsing


In this course, you will learn and experience..

  • Karma – What is it and how to Deal or Overcome it.
  • Love Meditation
  • Soul’s Purpose
  • Qualities to be Acquired and Challenges to Overcome in this Life
  • Past Life Issues brought into this Life

There is much to say about each of these topics.

Let me say just a bit about one of them. Karma.

Karma is a law “as you sow, so shall you reap”. As a simplistic example, if you knock someone to the ground then they get up and reciprocates, the debt is paid. If, however, you strike someone tonight and then die tomorrow, then chances are excellent that you will have a later karmic encounter.

These karmic “ribbons” will draw you irresistibly to persons, places and situations so that the play can go on. You may have to wait many years before the opportunity arises again and presents a scene with the roles reversed. The ribbon is the thread that links you to the other fragment of a karmic play.

The right way to look at the Laws of Karma is that is is not a punishment for past misdeeds, but rather it is the teaching of a lesson. This means that you can circumvent the karma and just learn the lesson. A good place to start is meditation. If you are truly sincere, you will be guided along the way.

This course includes 13 Dowsing Charts (i.e. charts you can dowse to get the answers you need) that are specifically for this course.

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