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    Dowsing Your Health Book


    The Purpose of this book How do you react when you become ill?  Do you ACCEPT IT? RESIST IT? DENY IT? BECOME OVERWHELMED BY IT? BECOME ANGRY WITH IT? BECOME RESIGNED TO IT? FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT? Most of us have probably never thought about it and when we become ill, we immediately turn to…

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    High Quality Easy-To-Use Large Brass L-Rods


    L–Rods, also known as angle Rods are L shaped wires traditionally used for field dowsing. Copper L–Rods and L–Rods with sleeves are the most popular among dowsers. … Dowsers use L–Rods for locating water, treasure, energy, food, directions and information. L–Rods are useful for any type of dowsing. After the pendulum, L-rods are probably the most widely used of the dowsing tools. They Heavy Duty L-RODS of…

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    Intuitive Dowsing Pendulum


    These high quality Dowsing Pendulums are perfect for dowsing The dowsing pendulum acts as a receiver and transmitter of information, and moves in different ways in response to questions. You can use it to answer questions or aid you in decision making. There are several ways to use a pendulum, but all involve asking a…

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    Simple to Use – Healing, Balancing and Energizing Power Chart


    This card has a powerful healing balancing symbol. Place the symbol under your bed, under your food, under you water or under anything else that needs healing or energizing. Focus on it before sending loving healing energy to people, to the planet or to a body of water. Use it while meditating for healing, balancing,…