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Course 1 – Introduction to Dowsing – Interview With Carol

Carol explains how Dowsing is a skill that anybody can use. She explains the basic principles and how they apply to day to day life.

Carol Gader
Master Dowser, Well Known Speaker and Author

I have been practicing and teaching dowsing for about 30 years all over the United States.

I am a sought after speaker and teacher at many dowsing conventions including the American Society of Dowsers National Conventions.

I have written the definitive book on Dowsing Your Health after I used dowsing to heal myself and then started using these techniques with many other people. 

Dowsing has changed the very way I look at life and has helped me so much that I wanted to share my knowledge of dowsing by creating simple to understand courses that people could take from the convenience of their home.

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Some of the Many Applications of Dowsing

Dowsing can be used to find water, oil, gemstones, pets, people and lost items.  It can be used to help with one’s own health, wealth, gardening, and relationships.

Dowsing can be used to energize and heal water, food, your body and home.

Dowsing can also be used to detect non beneficial thought forms and energies in your home or work place, find entities and discover leys or energy lines and vortexes.

Dowsing can answer almost any question you can think of.    It builds confidence, releases fears and uses the whole brain.  It improves your life and transforms your reality.

Use Dowsing to Discover Your Life Purpose

Learning the Art of Dowsing can give you a road map of your Soul’s purpose.

That will allow you to begin a new journey in this life with a clearer understanding of who you are and the choices you have.

You can begin the path of learning your purpose in this life by learning to dowse. 

Important Disclaimer

These program are intended to help you access your deepest inner intuition. These programs are NOT intended to be a replacement for a competent professional, such as a medical professional, legal or financial expert or any other such expertise.

Each situation is personal and different. These programs are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness or disease. Similarly, they are not intended to replace professional advice by a doctor, lawyer, accountant or other professional who can give customized expertise for your specific situation.

Any decisions you make or actions you take as a result of using the dowsing skills you learn taking these courses are your responsibility. 

Participation in these courses does not constitute a personal professional relationship between Carol Gader or any other person and yourself.

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Each of these courses can make a major difference in  your life. The first course will teach you the basics. How to answer simple yes and no questions.

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Course 2 – How to Dowse and Get Correct Answers

Learn how to get clear yes or no answers to your most pressing questions. Hints for asking the right questions to get accurate answers.


Course 3 – How to Dowse for Water

Dowsing for Water is one of the original classic uses of dowsing, for people who need to dig their own wells. Learn what to concentrate on to find the perfect clean water for your family


Course 4 – Map and Chart Dowsing

Learn to use charts to get clearer answers than simple Yes or No answers. Dowse maps to find missing objects and other practical situations where finding the best "place" is important. The results are often "miraculous".


Course 5 – Dowsing Your Health

Learn to dowse the health of you and your family. You can discover allergies, stress and other health issues that may be affecting you. You can also discover their origins and how to balance and heal your auras. Disclaimer: Use dowsing only as a supplement to competent medically trained professionals and not to replace them.


Course 6 – Dowsing Your Garden

Learn how dowsing can make a healthier and more productive garden. Dowsing will have you work with Nature's Intelligence to help you prepare, cleanse your land, and then to determine the best site, shape, size, as well as what and where to plant.

$69 - Our Most Advanced Course

Course 7 – Spiritual Dowsing

Learn how to dowse to deal and possibly overcome karma. You will learn how to discover your soul's purpose and the qualities you should acquire and challenges to overcome in this life.

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What My Clients and Students Have to Say

I want to thank you again for your assistance in helping me find the lost box of family heirloom jewelry. Your dowsing skill brought me directly to the piece of furniture in which I had placed the box -- even though I was sure it was not in that dresser!

Your confidence regarding the placement and your specific description of a piece of furniture (highly carved wood, so it could be seen as a piece of art, or "statue" as you described) was 100% accurate.

And this was done at a distance -- me in Massachusetts and you in Florida. Clearly, you are a gifted and experienced dowser, and I am grateful beyond words for your quick and accurate work.

Diana Krauth
From Leeds, MA
We live in a rural area so we have a driven well 420' deep. One day after four loads of washing, we were out of water. The well recovered but we had to be careful on our water usage. Now what do we do? A new well seemed to be our choice.

We contacted several dowsers to find the best location for the well. One of the dowsers was Carol Gader.

She located several areas on our property but also found a vein close to our existing well and said she could move the water over to our well. Sound crazy?

Carol said it would take 12 - l5 days to move the water over. (we were getting only 3 /4 gal. per minute}

Believe it or not, we now get 4+ gallons per minute. GREAT!!! Thanks to Carol no new well and a big savings to us.

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Bob Knight
Finally I know someone with wonderful tools for improving my dowsing skills and showing me how to recognize through dowsing what I need to do to better understand my life and fulfill my soul's purpose!

After taking some of Carol's webinars recently and also talking with her on the phone, I really think she is a wonderful person and has astonishing gifts to share with her students! I strongly recommend checking out her website and getting her DVDs and books, as she continues to produce them.

I am already learning more about myself and beginning to understand more about where I want to be going with what she has taught me already. I think anyone, whether they know how to dowse yet or not, can also benefit from learning from Carol's DVDs and working with all the charts that come with them.

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Danica Wolkiser
Carol Gader and her husband Al kindly traveled to our farm, Hope Springs Farm, to help us locate our wells. She is a delightful, intelligent, kind hearted woman with great vision and talent.

Carol located ideal spots for our dug wells, which provide an excellent water source for our family and our farm. We our fortunate to have gravity water available to our barn and field area and Carol was able to meet our request to find this.

Carol taught my daughter and me how to dowse so that we may help ourselves and others to find water. We are so grateful for her help. It is a pleasure to know Carol, personally and professionally.

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Janet Sherman
From Madison NH